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Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Our process for sealing travertine is unique and is comprised of the following process:

First, we apply an algaecide product that sterilizes all organic growth on your patio (you know this as the black and green algea / mildew stains)

Up next is a high quality degreaser which removes leftover stains from sweat, sunscreen, and that one superbowl sunday where Ted tried to make his signature pork brisket and ended up making a big mess all over the patio.

After these products are applied the patio is manually agitated with a stiff broom and then pressure washed using one of our surface cleaners, depending on the size of your patio we will use our 24" 30" or 48" model.

The patio is then completely rinsed out and new sand is packed in between the stones. This is where the magic happens. Our sand is mineral-free, this means algae and mildew will not feed on it. After the sand is installed the patio is let dry and we then apply our water-based sealer product using a spray gun, we never use a paint roller to apply sealer. This gives inconsistent results and also picks up and re-distributes the sand in random patterns onto the patio.

The sand application is the part most contractors will skip, as it is the most tedious part of the process. It's also the most important because when the sealer is applied, it makes the sand between the stones hard like a rock, which prevents almost all weeds from growing between the cracks. If the sand is skipped you will find that your stones will stay clean over time, but all the spaces between the stones will become dirty because all the water resides in these areas every time it rains.

We use a water-based sealer, this allows your stone to "breath" and humidity / condensation to pass through the stone while still providing protection. Xylene or solvent based sealers are a lower cost option, but usually provide unsatisfactory results and we aren't able to offer them for this reason.

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