Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

What is Soft Powerwash?

Learn more about how our Soft Wash Process
cleans your roof without damaging tiles!

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Low Pressure Roof Cleaning in West Palm Beach

The video above shows what our low pressure cleaning process looks like. You'll see there's NO high pressure water, very little run-off and the changes are visible faster than amazon prime!

What IS that stuff?

We use an industry leading biocide, an environmentally friendly degreaser, and finally an innovative surfactant which serves as a clinging agent, allowing the chemical to stay on your roof and continue to work until it simply evaporates.

Is this process safe for my plants and grass?

YES! We use a metering device that allows us to safely adjust the amount of chemical needed to sanitize the stains on your roof, and no more. Using too much chemical can cause yellowed or burnt plants, it's important to understand the chemistry behind this process so that plants and grass can be protected. We water plants and grass along the drip line and also place bags on gutter downspouts to collect excess chemical, though this is mainly a precaution as our process produces very little run-off.

We guarantee plant and grass safety.

How much does it cost?

We form our calculation based upon the size and complexity of your roof, it's height, and the severity of your stains. Our process lasts at a MINIMUM of two years, sometimes it lasts five years or more, dependent on several factors.

We use commercial grade low-pressure systems along with ECO friendly cleaning products to ensure the most efficient and complete low pressure roof cleaning service.

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